Bilt More or Less and Thomas Wolfe

We were tourists in Asheville, starting with the gardens at Biltmore.  Gerhard opted to skip the house tour, because he could go to any number of palaces in Germany.  We drove directly to the gardens.  I was surprised that the tulips were still blooming.  The pink tulips were gone, replaced with white and yellow ones.

041316 Biltmore tulip walk.JPG

041316 Biltmore Gerhard John.JPG

We also went to the boarding house where Thomas Wolfe spent his young years.  His mother owned and ran it.  I was sorry I couldn’t remember having read anything he wrote, but the tour guide told anecdotes that gave us an outline of his history.  His first novel included stories of people who lived in the boarding house, some of whose names he had changed.  People resented him so much that he left town.  Years later he returned and found he had no time to write because people kept interrupting him.  I used to think I’d like to be well-known, but I’ve changed my mind.  I suspect there is no such thing as a little notoriety.

041316 Thomas Wolfe boarding house Gerhard John.JPG

9 thoughts on “Bilt More or Less and Thomas Wolfe

  1. I remember taking the Biltmore house tour a few years ago with a friend of my daughter who was visiting from Ireland. He was not impressed. I was or at least I wanted to be. It kinda put a damper on the whole trip. It does teach the importance of perspective. To us the Biltmore is a magical castle.To people who grew up among real castles, it’s just another house.


    1. We are still in the process of finding what is in our backyard to offer our guests. I thought the tour of Thomas Wolfe’s boyhood home was great. We got a short biography as we walked about the boarding house and saw the things that surrounded him in his formative years.

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  2. Apparently Thomas Wolfe had enough of his 15 minutes of fame. I missed visiting the house, but was at the Bitmore with two good friends and we loved the gardens.


    1. We went just to visit the gardens at Biltmore twice. We don’t mind going through the house several times a year, because they vary the rooms on display. I’m glad you enjoyed your tour of the gardens.


  3. We’ve attempted an Ashville visit several times and it never seems to work out. Maybe this year. I know the castles I. This country may not compare to Europe but I’ve been to Newport, RI many times and they are pretty impressive. I imagine Biltmore is similar.


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