A Day with Logan

The first day keeping our favorite five-year-old neighbor began at bedtime.  It feels like we entered the ancient way of counting days from sundown to sundown.  This day seemed to begin when we picked up Logan from school.  We were impressed with the very safe and efficient system for parent pickup after the buses left.  All children were inside the building while cars were moving.  Aides worked the line of cars, taking down the name of the student being picked up.  Only that group was allowed out of the building, then the process began again for the next set of cars.

Logan is allowed only half an hour of TV at home.  We tried to keep him busy doing various things so that we wouldn’t have to enforce that rule.  I find the boy amazing.  He can manage things I can’t, like doing two things at once.  He talked to his dad on the phone while playing a computer game at John’s desk.

041816 Logan talks to Papa while gaming.JPG

His athletic ability always surprises me.  I was talking to John in the kitchen, and he said, “Turn around and see where Logan is.”  With no booster he had soundlessly hoisted himself onto the counter and was playing with the salt pig.

041816 Hopped on counter by himself.JPG

One of these days Logan is going to find a way to ride my exercise bike.  It’s a real stretch right now.  He also played with our glider, which thankfully did not go on the roof or get hung in a tree.  He and John also kicked a soccer ball around for 15 minutes.  John had his exercise!

041816 Bicycle is a stretch.JPG

Neighbor Joyce came in sight as we finished dinner on the porch.  Logan asked to be excused so that he could talk to her.  She found a tiny blue bird’s egg which she gave him to take to school.  Bath time was next.  Logan opted to take a shower rather than a bath in our huge tub.  The shower was more his size.  The day ended with his reading two homework books to John.  If he got up during the night, we were not aware of it.

041816 Homework reading.JPG

John put his head under the blanket the next morning to wake Logan.  The boy snuggles into the covers for a minute and then explodes into action.

041916 Logan wakes up.JPG

In a trice he was ready for school, having found his clothes and put them on.

041916 Ready for school.JPG

I got out of the car to chat with Marla, walking her dog near the bus stop.  Logan met the dog while pretending to be warm.  For the record, his jacket was in his backpack, but in 41 degree weather, he said he didn’t need it.

041916 Logan meets Albert.JPG

I got the picture I wanted of the little boy approaching the huge yellow bus.

041916 Logan at the bus.JPG

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