Making Music

We mostly sat around talking while John’s cousin Peter was here.  He was on his way to a gathering of musicians, so I asked if he would play his mountain dulcimer for us.  Neighbors Shawn and Bob were entertaining a multitude of friends, but Amy was free to come.  I was interested in his tuning the dulcimer by clamping a gizmo on it that showed when the string was in tune as he plucked it.  Amy had one request – Amazing Grace – which he played easily.


041716 Peter with mountain dulcimer.JPG
Peter plays his mountain dulcimer

Peter is learning to play the langspil.  He used a tiny bow, probably the size of a child’s Suzuki violin bow.  I’m rather envious, because I’d love to learn to play the hammered dulcimer.  I haven’t earned the right yet.  Only when I regularly set aside time to practice the piano will I consider taking on a new instrument.

042716 Peter playing the langspil.JPG
Playing the langspil with a small bow


Peter with instruments.JPG
Langspil and mountain dulcimer

3 thoughts on “Making Music

  1. At first I thought he was playing the zither. Bill’s mom played the zither – an instrument that she held on her lap. I so admire such talent… and finally heard the zither for real when we were in Germany.


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