Video Request

When neighbor Logan (8) returned a sled to our house, he asked, “Did you see the poem?” He was referring to Rooster’s poetic comment on my blog ( about Logan and his dad having a snowball fight. I sent the poem to Shawn, and she shared it with Bob and Logan. The adults got a kick out of it, and Logan loved it. His reaction? “I’m famous!”

Today Logan was allowed to come over after he did his chores at home. After playing inside for a while, he asked David to throw a football with him outside. He said to me, “Can you take a video and post it on your blog?” I didn’t have to be asked twice.


When the fellows got hot tossing the football, guess where they hung their jackets. On a mailbox! I’m not the only one who uses a mailbox for short-term storage!

020219 Jackets on a mailbox.jpg

We were active inside, also. Logan suggested we play Monkey in the Middle with a balloon. Two batted a balloon back and forth, and the other was in the center trying to catch it. Logan evened the playing field a bit by asking David to sit or kneel on the floor. I loved the way David avoided catching it immediately when he was the monkey. The fellows also played an intense game of checkers.

020219 Logan David play checkers.JPG

We went to Haywood Cafe for lunch. The two left-handers sat on the same side of the table and were soon engrossed in watching TV. There were football players in a contest to see who was the most accurate in throwing balls at moving targets. That was very appropriate for our activities of the day.

020219 Logan David watch TV in cafe.JPG