It Snowballed

Happy shouts rang out in the neighborhood as Logan (8) and Bob lobbed snowballs at each other. My camera and I had a ringside view on our porch. One shot shows both father and son with their arms drawn back, ready to hurl packed balls. At different times, both hit their targets.

Bob and Logan lobbing snowballs

When I started the video, I didn’t know the camera would record the end of the cold war. Bob stamped the snow off his shoes and walked to the car door. Logan followed suit, and that was the end of that.


I was happy to see the snow used. Most of the time we don’t get enough for sledding. The temperature finally dropped below freezing when the snow stopped. Conditions might have been ideal for building a snowman – wet snow that would have frozen solid overnight.

29 thoughts on “It Snowballed

    1. Logan was really into that snowball fight. He ran to our yard to get more snow and slipped down the slope. As he jumped up, he was gathering more ammunition. I love his enthusiasm.

      xxx Snow Man Hugs xxx


    1. I don’t remember the last time I made a snowball. It was probably with my children. I was never good at making a snowman, but I still have that yearning to create a meltable masterpiece. Are you likely to frolic in snow?

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  1. You received the perfect amount of snow for fun. I loved to watch the action. Looks like they were having a great time. We received 17 inches yesterday through today, so we have more than enough for the rest of the winter 😊


  2. Logan Shoots.

    I look through the snow and see Logan grow. The lad reaches down and grabs some snow.

    As Bob approaches and does the same, young man Logan improves his aim. He cocks real hard and ejects the snow, Bob ducks down and watches it go.

    Hang in there young fellow, more white stuff will come and, before you know it, you’ll throw like a well aimed gun.

    Was not long ago you were doing a puzzle, before long you’ll shoot like a well aimed muzzle. Keep your eye on the target and take up the slack, hit the target real square in the middle of the back.

    Blam, Splat, you got it now, your a snowball throwing Blogging Pal.

    the Rooster

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    1. Delightful! I read this to John, and he laughed and said, “He’s something else.”

      I’ll copy it and send it to Logan’s parents. They’ll get a real kick out of it.

      Thank you for this very special comment.

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    2. Shawn emailed me that she showed your poem to Bob, and he enjoyed it. She planned to show it to Logan when he got home from school. Logan is an excellent reader, and he could read it for himself, though she might read it to him.

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