A Blank Look

When grandson Nathaniel is here, I don’t use the foyer mirror because of his amusing ritual of putting it up high. This morning I turned to check my hat before going out. The mirror was in the correct spot, and I thought I was in front of it. It was blackish-BLANK! Two things went through my mind. Either my eyes had failed, or the magic mirror responded to the question of who was fairest in the land. It picked nobody, and that nobody was blanked-out ANNE!

With relief, I realized the mirror was showing the living room, still dark because the sun had not come up. Blame that on the change to daylight savings time. I tried to calculate when to set my alarm, to dress and walk out 30 minutes after the official sunrise. When set correctly, the clock gets us up in time to get back home before Old Sol peeks above our backyard mountain. The alarm will be right in another week. The photos below show what I saw and what I should have seen.