Candle on a Biscuit

I was promised snow on my birthday, which pleased me. No snow fell, so thousands of others were happy. How could I be sorry?

Grandson Nathaniel baked his special biscuits and lit a candle on mine. Your assumption is correct, they were scrumptious.

Nathaniel practiced piping with chocolate, as he was supposed to do during the holidays. Taking parchment paper, he cut and rolled small piping bags. He snipped off the tip and made designs on paper. David took a stab at it, then piped the rest in his mouth. I liked my name in chocolate. As delicate as the designs were, we could pick them up after they cooled.

John offered to take us out for lunch, and I opted for pizza. It was something I was sure I could taste, despite my head cold. The red pepper flakes helped.

122218 AM BDay (11) Having pizza for my birthday

We ended the day with chocolate cake and Nathaniel’s eggnog. As a rewards card holder at the supermarket, I was given this cake for my birthday. For Miser Me, that was super special. We knew the eggnog was going to be wonderful, because Nathaniel prepared it for us last year. A year is a long time to wait for a treat like that.

122218 AM BDay (12).JPG

It’s hard for me to remember numbers, but it’s going to be easy to recall my age this year. I’m pegging it to the song from Music Man, “76 Trombones”.

A Super Birthday

I think birthdays get better the older you get. Mine this year was perfect. People phoned, posted messages on Facebook and via e-mail, sent e-cards, and chatted via text. How rich I am with family and friends!

Son John $ cooked breakfast for us. We had English muffins topped with dilled scrambled eggs and cheese, bacon, and for two of us, livermush. For lunch, John treated us to Italian food at Frankie’s, a restaurant that we have intended to try since we moved here. It exceeded expectations.

Our neighbors are perfect, too. Where else could John have made two phone calls and conjured up an instant party? He bought a double chocolate cake, made coffee, set the table, positioned the balloon, and mixed in congenial neighbors who are dear friends.

122215 Anne's birthday.JPG

Five-year-old Logan was doing very well sitting at the table with adults. This boundless bundle of energy controlled himself admirably. John set up the gift Shawn and Bob brought him, a “Train in a Box”. Logan loved it, even going outside to bring in horses from the train set on the porch.


122215 Trai in a box D Logan JC.JPGI gathered three original Pollock mobiles and put them at his place to stave off boredom. What fun he had! The toy camera tried to catch the spirit and the action, but failed. 122215 Logan playing with Pollock originals

Logan quickly learned to blow on the mobiles to bring them to life.

I’m so glad I didn’t feel older just because the calendar says I am.