Candle on a Biscuit

I was promised snow on my birthday, which pleased me. No snow fell, so thousands of others were happy. How could I be sorry?

Grandson Nathaniel baked his special biscuits and lit a candle on mine. Your assumption is correct, they were scrumptious.

Nathaniel practiced piping with chocolate, as he was supposed to do during the holidays. Taking parchment paper, he cut and rolled small piping bags. He snipped off the tip and made designs on paper. David took a stab at it, then piped the rest in his mouth. I liked my name in chocolate. As delicate as the designs were, we could pick them up after they cooled.

John offered to take us out for lunch, and I opted for pizza. It was something I was sure I could taste, despite my head cold. The red pepper flakes helped.

122218 AM BDay (11) Having pizza for my birthday

We ended the day with chocolate cake and Nathaniel’s eggnog. As a rewards card holder at the supermarket, I was given this cake for my birthday. For Miser Me, that was super special. We knew the eggnog was going to be wonderful, because Nathaniel prepared it for us last year. A year is a long time to wait for a treat like that.

122218 AM BDay (12).JPG

It’s hard for me to remember numbers, but it’s going to be easy to recall my age this year. I’m pegging it to the song from Music Man, “76 Trombones”.

52 thoughts on “Candle on a Biscuit

    1. Your cold was probably a life-stopper. Mine was debilitating for only a couple of days. I could sing most of the hymns in church today! That surprised me.

      John and I are enjoying our grandsons, knowing how quickly their lives could change. Nathaniel already has two job offers for the summer. David should be here a while as he looks for a job.

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    1. I suspect, with the right mindset, every day would be filled with blessings. I’m getting better at it. Meanwhile, I appreciated all the attention — the most I’ve ever had on my December birthday! Yes! Blessings!

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  1. Store cakes pale in comparison to your grandson’s but I loved the biscuit thing! Finding a song with your age in it is a great way to remember and yes, sometimes it’s hard to remember. The years fly so fast. I was just 30. Wasn’t that last year or the year before? 🙂

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    1. There wouldn’t have been time for Nathaniel to bake one of his special creations for my birthday. Free was next best.

      I’m glad I have company trying to remember one’s current age. My mother was stuck at 42. Perhaps that is when I realized adults had birthdays that added a year to their collection. She died at age 80, but if anyone had asked me how old she was, I would have said, “42”.

      I think of myself as age 26, a bit unsure of myself and hesitant. I hope I never get to the age where I know everything and tell everyone so.

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  2. Happy Birthday Anne! And many happy returns! I’m delighted you are feeling better and able to celebrate with your wonderful family. Nathaniel’s excellent penmanship speaks even more volumes when you can eat it! => Merry Christmas one and all!

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  3. That’s a beautiful cake – your store must be something special like you! I like David piping icing right into his mouth – sounds like a trick I would do. I loved licking the beaters when my mom did any baking. You had a birthday hat, balloons and your Christmas tree is beautiful!

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    1. There must have been a dozen cakes just like mine on the table in the store. Our supermarket is a southern chain, mostly in the mountains. It’s better than anything we ever had in New York.

      Yes, I had the works for my birthday. We haven’t finished that cake yet, either.

      John spends hours and hours decorating our Christmas tree. The neighbors like to come in just to see it. I’m glad he doesn’t like the way I decorate, so I work in the kitchen while he works his magic. I must remember to take a good photo of it.

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      1. That cake looked delicious in the photo – I can imagine how it tasted. I like how the tree popped up in the corner. John made a beautiful job on the tree. Please tell him I said that and wish him Merry Christmas for me okay? I am going to proofread my post … another story about Santa coming to visit in 1985. Santa is in England right now according to NORAD. 🙂

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          1. They also give a report on the top of the hour on the CBS radio news … they would say his location and then when the world news is over at about four minutes after the top of the hour, the local radio station would tell how many hours til he would be in SE Michigan … NORAD is run by all volunteers and they do that every Christmas Eve … 1,500 people volunteer to do it and kids can call in. Remember that for your great-grandchildren. They’ve been doing it for about 60 plus years.

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              1. I didn’t either – they said that on the news and normally wouldn’t have gone on about NORAD except for the government shutdown and they said NORAD Santa tracking would have still happened as it has always been volunteers. I think it is nice. I sent the link to AJ a few weeks ago when she was doing a different Santa from each country for school. I didn’t know if Canadians were aware of it or not.

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  4. I see I need to keep blowing positive vibes your way!! We’ve had some hefty winds lately so mother nature should be bringing them to you! Ha ha! Happy Birthday, and may being under the weather take leave pronto!!

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  5. Late for a very important date I am hoping you had a lovely birthday in spite of that cold. I envy you the egg nog. Store-bought just doesn’t do it. Merry Christmas my friend and many happy days ahead.

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  6. Don’t you just love it??? You just wait. I’m sure there’s more to come. You won’t mind being his guinea pigs, I’m certain. The best was when my step father learned to make lemon meringue pie. I swear that was the very best I’d ever tasted. I have a very good scratch recipe but it didn’t hold a candle to the one he made from culinary school.
    Happy Birthday and I hope you get well soon!

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    1. We are willing guinea pigs for Nathaniel’s cooking. Today he is preparing a chicken pot pie. Tonight he flies to spend the rest of his Christmas break with his dad in NY. There will be a tall hole where he has been, but we’re already looking forward to seeing him on his next break.

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      1. How was the pie? Yes, I know how you feel. This was an empty year for us as far as our kids are concerned so I know about “tall” holes. It was an old folks Christmas for us. My in laws may not have another, so it was good to make time for them this year.

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        1. The pie was delightful. There are two servings left and three people to eat it. Someone will be called on to be magnanimous. That’s great that you were so thoughtful of your in-laws. Blessings on you for that!

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  7. I knew it was close to your birthday and have bee thinking about you! Happy birthday! May this year be full of blessings and goodness. A piping bag is not an easy thing to use-Lyla wanted one and we made an awful mess! I like your name in chocolate too! love Michele

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