I had a busy week and couldn’t properly worry about having found a lump under my skin. What I did worry about was whether it was normal and just something I’d never felt before. How foolish I’d feel if everyone had a bump like it! The doctor had an appointment open a week later, and she was very reassuring. She explained there are three little bones at the end of the sternum. She thinks arthritis is active there, adding bone for the fun of it I presume. I am going to be upset if growing bone offsets weight loss. Now that would not be fair at all!

The bus ride was interesting. After I was on board, we picked up a young fellow and dropped him off at the community college. I saw the area where son John $ and grandson David played disc golf, and then we wound our way all through the hilly campus. The driver said the young man rides several times a week. We are so blessed to have this service available to us.