I had a busy week and couldn’t properly worry about having found a lump under my skin. What I did worry about was whether it was normal and just something I’d never felt before. How foolish I’d feel if everyone had a bump like it! The doctor had an appointment open a week later, and she was very reassuring. She explained there are three little bones at the end of the sternum. She thinks arthritis is active there, adding bone for the fun of it I presume. I am going to be upset if growing bone offsets weight loss. Now that would not be fair at all!

The bus ride was interesting. After I was on board, we picked up a young fellow and dropped him off at the community college. I saw the area where son John $ and grandson David played disc golf, and then we wound our way all through the hilly campus. The driver said the young man rides several times a week. We are so blessed to have this service available to us.

32 thoughts on “Lump!

  1. Lumps are always a worry and best to get checked out early. I love that you have a bus at your disposal for these types of things. Locally we have medical transportation for seniors and the disabled. It’s nice but sometimes you have a lot of waiting to do as the bus is picking up or dropping off other seniors. A good friend used it while she could not drive. A good service to have.


      1. This should make you laugh. I always carry my Kindle for appointments. I play FreeCell on it. Today I had blood drawn and didn’t have my Kindle. I downloaded a FreeCell app on my phone. I could have slapped myself on the side of my head. I don’t need to carry the Kindle! I always have the phone! What a dumdum.


    1. Happy to hear you are okay. That’s really nice service to have. Lumps are always a worry and best to get checked out early .
      God bless you. 🙏


  2. We have the bus service here also, though I have not used it personally. I always maintained what a disservice the lack of railroads and extended bus route is to some rural citizens. The Cleveland city bus comes to the county line about three miles from where we live. When I was in university in the 90s and 00’s I used to take the bus downtown, Bob would take me to the buson this end and pick me up when I returned.


  3. The word LUMP caught my attention. I am so glad that it is okay. In terms of weight loss/gain, I confess I had a similar concern about my new shoulder. I stopped myself from asking the surgeon how much the implant weighed, lol. You are too funny Anne, so glad you are okay. Blessings, Michele


  4. Your headline sure was alarming – glad you are okay. I think this bus service is a great idea. I am going to suspend my allergist appointments again starting November as they will not return to walk-ins anymore and sticking with appointments. I did walk-in appointments for many decades and I’m not going to risk driving or walking on ice and snow for a five-minute appointment which is not the doc but the “shot girl” … if you walk in, they won’t take you which I find annoying. I mean, if you don’t do it on an every-time basis. I got my hand slapped for trying.


      1. I’m not happy about it because they know I never went in the Winter unless it was clear outside … not just the driving, but the price of a carwash (if you get out in the slush and salt (and salt is so bad for your car as you know from your NY years) starts at abut $7.00 for a basic wash. I have Spring allergies anyway. I’d quit altogether, but I do appreciate not sneezing my head off in the Spring. I don’t really like their attitude to be honest.


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