Halloween on Mother’s Day

Now that I’ve gotten my wish, I’m not so sure it was the best thing. All the years I spent in Tennessee and New York, I longed for Spring to last as long as other seasons. The heat of summer and raw cold of winter lasted far too long. Autumn’s glory and Spring’s new life got short shrift. This year we had a hint of Spring, enough that we began to eat outside on the porch, at least for the noon meal. That was followed by several cold snaps, ending Mother’s Day weekend with hard frosts. The spring season was stretched almost to the breaking point, at least my breaking point. John helped me cover two tender plants outside three nights in a row, and I brought in three others that were in pots.

While walking, we passed neighbor Warren’s garden that was totally swathed in white. He had covered his plants with white cloth and topped it with plastic. While we were at the creek, he uncovered everything to let the sun beat down on the plants. The coverings were folded, because they will be used another night. I laughed as we walked toward our house. Dawn and Jeff covered something that made it look like a Halloween ghost guarding their house. Having Halloween on Mother’s Day was not proper at all. I promise I’ll never again wish to prolong Spring.