Halloween on Mother’s Day

Now that I’ve gotten my wish, I’m not so sure it was the best thing. All the years I spent in Tennessee and New York, I longed for Spring to last as long as other seasons. The heat of summer and raw cold of winter lasted far too long. Autumn’s glory and Spring’s new life got short shrift. This year we had a hint of Spring, enough that we began to eat outside on the porch, at least for the noon meal. That was followed by several cold snaps, ending Mother’s Day weekend with hard frosts. The spring season was stretched almost to the breaking point, at least my breaking point. John helped me cover two tender plants outside three nights in a row, and I brought in three others that were in pots.

While walking, we passed neighbor Warren’s garden that was totally swathed in white. He had covered his plants with white cloth and topped it with plastic. While we were at the creek, he uncovered everything to let the sun beat down on the plants. The coverings were folded, because they will be used another night. I laughed as we walked toward our house. Dawn and Jeff covered something that made it look like a Halloween ghost guarding their house. Having Halloween on Mother’s Day was not proper at all. I promise I’ll never again wish to prolong Spring.

35 thoughts on “Halloween on Mother’s Day

  1. I never heard of flowers being covered over night. Looks spooky alright.
    But how do the flowers drink the morning dew?

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you across the Atlantic.



    1. The flowers will be fine without few for a few days. We covered tender new plants that would be killed or severely harmed by our extremely cold temperatures. This cold snap is quite unusual for this time of year. Grandson Nathaniel had snow in NY, which I saw because his dad posted a video of it on Facebook.


  2. Nice! If my human tries to cover something with a sheet for Halloween in my house, I just pee on it! She tends not to put ghosts in the house anymore. But that one outside looks kinda cool.


    1. LOL! You are an opportunistic cat! Look! That big word almost had tuna in it!

      You would love to visit the house with the Mother’s Day ghosts. There are three indoor cats and one that goes in and out. I see Bella hunting in my garden from time to time. Do you go outside at all?

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      1. Ha, tuna! Nope, my human doesn’t let me go out. We are behind a highway and have mean chicken hawks in our neighborhood. I think I can take them, but my human is too chicken.


  3. I think of the hard frosts as winter snapping back rather than spring. Our frosts weren’t hard but they were spotty so wise people covered plants here too. Everything has been so weird that the only blooming plants are the hardy ones. My tomato plants and a tender canna lily that I raised from a tuber from last year are all on my kitchen counter by the big window. None seem too eager to go out. Next weekend should be a return to what I call real spring. I do agree with you. I wish we would have the pleasant weather longer than we do rather than rushing into the upper 80s and 90s.


  4. Everyone held their breath here because 28 is the point which is a killing frost for the fruit trees which had already blossomed. I told fellow blogger Ruth that she should be glad she had the hoop set-up as her tender plants would suffer. They were okay and her apple tree was spared. The farmers had big fans rigged up to keep the trees from the big freeze. We have pouring rain right now which will morph into snow showers. The weatherman said this is March weather.


      1. I agree – we will set a record tonight as we’ll be in the mid-20s (last time was in 1938 I think they said). At least the snow did not stick to the ground despite being cold enough for it to.

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  5. The weather has been whackadoodle here as well! That’s a cute post about the ghost, and I was happy to see its a neighbor’s years, I thought your porch was more visible than his. 🙂


  6. Oh that ‘ghost’ looks so funny! It’s been very frosty here too, lately! But towards the end of the week it’ll be warming up nicely. Looking forward to spending more time outside!


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