Singular Sillies

A crowd is not necessary for sillies to erupt. Grandson David and I were finishing a very flaky pastry John bought for us on Long Island. It was thick, and one needed a giant’s mouth to bite it properly. I paid no attention as David brought it toward his face. I heard a soft uumm sound. Without knowing the cause, my hand reached for the camera. In our house, you freeze when you know something silly is happening, and the uumm is as good as a trumpet fanfare. He held the pose a few seconds, knowing he couldn’t recreate it. The pastry looked like big-bunny buck teeth* sticking out of his mouth. As soon as I said, “Got it!”, he began to chew as we both laughed.

040519 Big bunny buck teeth pastry.JPG

*Grammar Cop Ellie (, where do hyphens belong?