Singular Sillies

A crowd is not necessary for sillies to erupt. Grandson David and I were finishing a very flaky pastry John bought for us on Long Island. It was thick, and one needed a giant’s mouth to bite it properly. I paid no attention as David brought it toward his face. I heard a soft uumm sound. Without knowing the cause, my hand reached for the camera. In our house, you freeze when you know something silly is happening, and the uumm is as good as a trumpet fanfare. He held the pose a few seconds, knowing he couldn’t recreate it. The pastry looked like big-bunny buck teeth* sticking out of his mouth. As soon as I said, “Got it!”, he began to chew as we both laughed.

040519 Big bunny buck teeth pastry.JPG

*Grammar Cop Ellie (, where do hyphens belong?

34 thoughts on “Singular Sillies

  1. We used to buy angel wings at the local bakery around Christmastime. They were delicious but so flaky and fell apart so easily and the icing sugar went everywhere. My mom and I would station ourselves at the sink, or over the bakery box to eat them to save making a big mess.

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      1. Have you ever had angel wings Anne? They are light as a feather and as soon as you bite into them they just fall apart – it is the icing sugar that is the real mess. The box will have a good 1/2 pound of loose icing sugar in them. They are good – haven’t had them in years as the bakery closed down and new owners are Mexican. We used to buy our bread there for years … everything changes.


          1. Sometimes the produce markets will sell them … they don’t make them there, but usually get them from a foreign bakery.
            They come in a big box and are light as a feather. I am going to look for your quiche recipe – I did not forget. You collect angels – I collect teddy bears … I used to, no room any more for them, so had to stop about 5 years ago. Here is a picture and info on angel wings:


              1. There might be a chance a foreign bakery would carry them Anne. Polish especially. The Vinewood Bakery was not Polish but most of the neighborhood it was located in was and they had a big following for Polish sweets – that was number one for them. Nearby was a Polish sausage maker – you could not move there on a Saturday … the line stretched for miles.


  2. We have a local bakery that makes almond patties that are so very flaky. You have to eat those over a plate because you don’t want to lose any of the flaky goodness. Years ago I made the mistake of trying to eat one as I drove…Not my brightest moment as there were flakes everywhere!

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  3. Hi Anne! What a kick, having my alter ego addressed in your post! Thanks! So it’s like this: Are they the buck teeth of a *big bunny*? Or… is it that the *teeth* themselves are big? See, if it’s the teeth that are big, then I would reword it as: “The pastry looked like a bunny’s big buck teeth sticking out of his mouth.”

    If, on the other hand, it’s the *bunny* that’s big, then you could say, “The pastry looked like a big bunny’s buck teeth sticking out of his mouth.”

    See? Easy as a flaky apple pastry! 😀 Carry on!


        1. That’s great as long as you don’t drown in silly! When my three were young, we had lots of fun, but I didn’t record those times with words or photos. I’ll bet you’ve done much better than that.

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