Libby and a Pun

When John spent several days at the train club in Tennessee, I sometimes got the hankering to read a book. Going to the library on the spur of the moment was often not possible, so checking out an e-book was the best option. However, it wasn’t easy. I had a Kindle app, the Overdrive app that was supposed to connect to libraries, and another one or two that came with the operating system of the computer. Nothing ever worked seamlessly. I might have confirmation that I had checked out a book, but I couldn’t find it or get it to load. There was once when I could read only when the tablet was connected to the internet. This time I went to the library website and saw a new app being advertised – Libby. This app worked like a charm! A few key strokes connected to my local library, registered my card number, and found the book I was looking for. In addition, it was easy to get back to the book the next day. It was very difficult to return books with the other apps. I read this book and returned it on the third day. Easy as pie!! Have any of you used Libby?

I met neighbor Joyce while we were both out walking. She passed me twice, coming and going. As she headed home, I said I could see she was on a schedule, because she had her phone in her hand. She explained she walks for a time and jogs for a time. I said, “I just wander.”

Without missing a step, she said, “I think that is WANDERful.”

That was the first and best pun of the day.

Good going, Joyce!