Libby and a Pun

When John spent several days at the train club in Tennessee, I sometimes got the hankering to read a book. Going to the library on the spur of the moment was often not possible, so checking out an e-book was the best option. However, it wasn’t easy. I had a Kindle app, the Overdrive app that was supposed to connect to libraries, and another one or two that came with the operating system of the computer. Nothing ever worked seamlessly. I might have confirmation that I had checked out a book, but I couldn’t find it or get it to load. There was once when I could read only when the tablet was connected to the internet. This time I went to the library website and saw a new app being advertised – Libby. This app worked like a charm! A few key strokes connected to my local library, registered my card number, and found the book I was looking for. In addition, it was easy to get back to the book the next day. It was very difficult to return books with the other apps. I read this book and returned it on the third day. Easy as pie!! Have any of you used Libby?

I met neighbor Joyce while we were both out walking. She passed me twice, coming and going. As she headed home, I said I could see she was on a schedule, because she had her phone in her hand. She explained she walks for a time and jogs for a time. I said, “I just wander.”

Without missing a step, she said, “I think that is WANDERful.”

That was the first and best pun of the day.

Good going, Joyce!

34 thoughts on “Libby and a Pun

  1. I check out library books all the time using that system, its fantastic especially in the winter. Also like the option to place a book on hold if it is checked out by another. It lets you know when the book is available. What a great pun!


  2. I haven’t mastered the library e-book yet. The series I read this summer wasn’t able in e-book form but I’m hoping to find some that are. My library is in the city and parking stinks (even though they have a parking lot). I have gotten so spoiled with shopping from home and I’d love to further spoil myself by borrowing from home!

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  3. I struggled with Libby and went back to Overdrive and Kindle. It’s interesting seeing how well it works for you and others. I might have to try it again. Funny pun 🙂


  4. I’m sold on e-books: they are so much easier to travel with, you can adjust the lighting and font sizes as you need, and you don’t have to travel to the physical library. I use Libby all the time, and adore it. The selection of e-books available is sometimes disappointing, but it’s getting better all the time. I’ve been reading about how much libraries have to pay for the licenses to the e-books and they are not cheap. Support your library as much as you can, everyone!

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    1. I think many folks prefer real books. I had (still have) a Kobo. It just sits there now, because getting a book onto it was painful. I had to download a library book to a computer first and then transfer it to the Kobo. It turned out that the only direct connection you could make was to a bookstore, not a library. If you have a Kindle and are comfortable using it, you probably don’t need Libby.

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  5. Hi Anne, I’ve heard Libby is great…I have Hoopla, which I think is a similar app…it is through my library card, and I’ve been really pleased with it so far.


  6. I am waiting for the phone company to get the fiber optic cable all finished up this fall. Then we will have unlimited data on internet and I can try this Libby thing for library books.
    I should tell you so you can tell John. We had another train derailment in our area again! A few miles south of where the last one was. This time there was no oil so it was not an environmental disaster. Twenty five cars left the track this time. It was between Doon and Hull.

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  7. That is great to know about Libby – I don’t have an e-reader of any kind nor have I read off the computer but that’s so much better than paying full price for books – even paperbacks are expensive now. Kate Crimmons told me one time about the audio Kindles and how you could be doing things while listening to the audio version of a book. Wanderful if you can multi-task that way!


      1. I have never tried an audio book, While you could multi-task, I wonder if I would find my attention drifting according to the person’s voice? It would be great for traveling a long distance to keep John company.

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