Many older people comment that their doctors look like children. John and I went to a financial institution where we were served by a young man with a full set of brackets on his teeth. In addition, he had heavy-duty bands linking the upper and lower teeth. Despite his appearance, he was very competent. I still had a wild desire to ask him, “Have you graduated from high school yet?”

Neighbor Marla is another youthful person in my life, although she could pass for a college graduate. She was walking Albert as I came huffing and puffing up the steep hill. The temperature was 43F (6.1C). I had already shed my spring jacket on the hill. As we stood talking, I realized my shoe had come untied. Marla noticed my looking down, saw my hesitancy, and held out her hand to hold my jacket. Now that was awareness coupled with problem-solving! If I hadn’t been called a photo-stalker, I might have asked her to pose. Instead of hanging my jacket on her mail post, I hung it on her hand.

I caught a youthful spot of fog sitting on the road. I guess it got lost from its family down by the creek.

042618 A spot of fog.JPG