Many older people comment that their doctors look like children. John and I went to a financial institution where we were served by a young man with a full set of brackets on his teeth. In addition, he had heavy-duty bands linking the upper and lower teeth. Despite his appearance, he was very competent. I still had a wild desire to ask him, “Have you graduated from high school yet?”

Neighbor Marla is another youthful person in my life, although she could pass for a college graduate. She was walking Albert as I came huffing and puffing up the steep hill. The temperature was 43F (6.1C). I had already shed my spring jacket on the hill. As we stood talking, I realized my shoe had come untied. Marla noticed my looking down, saw my hesitancy, and held out her hand to hold my jacket. Now that was awareness coupled with problem-solving! If I hadn’t been called a photo-stalker, I might have asked her to pose. Instead of hanging my jacket on her mail post, I hung it on her hand.

I caught a youthful spot of fog sitting on the road. I guess it got lost from its family down by the creek.

042618 A spot of fog.JPG

23 thoughts on “Youthfulness

  1. Sometimes it appears the police are all still in school and just playing fancy dress.Then I remember I’m only playing at being old,Before long I’ll discover the secret of eternal youth,
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx


  2. A couple weeks ago I went with Pete to see his lung specialist and yes, the kid was totally competent, so I had to remind myself, “Okay, he just looks like a kid to me.” One advantage of being old, though, is I can get away with things like not being current on all the latest technology and saying no to new clothing fads I have no desire to wear.


  3. It’s really scary when the experts still wear braces and especially if they don’t shave. I got my braces on at 20 years old and had the full metal wraparound type, not just the dots or invisible ones like they wear now. I had two sets of headgear (one to pull up, one to pull back) and had elastic bands criss-crossing my mouth every which way. Thankfully the headgear was only for at-home wear as I looked wired for sound. The headgear, coupled with the big curlers I used so that the perm would give my hair lift and not frizz, made me have to hang my head over the bed to sleep sometimes.

    I loved the line “I caught a youthful spot of fog sitting on the road. I guess it got lost from its family down by the creek.”

    It made me smile. 🙂


      1. I was a real cutie and looked like I was wired for sound and could bring in the local radio station. My mom told me that if we had a fire and ran out into the street looking like I did, I’d scare the neighbors!


  4. A youthful spot of fog! What a charming way to describe it. The last new doc I went to was a young woman who spent the first 3 minutes of my appointment explaining to me her credentials and family dynamics. I listened politely but I really didn’t care. I was there to see the doctor, and if this medical practice that I trust hired her, I figured she was ok. Thinking back on it, I wonder if she had been accused of looking too young by other patients, so she felt the need to make a preemptory declaration to me. Cute girl, competent, too.


  5. Your first line caught my eye. My writer friends and I are often commenting on how very young some of the new editors at big publishing houses appear to be—born long after many of our favorite books were written. ❤ your 'fog' line!


  6. OH yes, every doctor, dentist, accountant etc. etc. etc. – they all look younger than me!
    Re Marla – now she would’ve *really* looked youthful had she bent down and tied your lace FOR you. That’s what I thought you were going to say. Ah, but just as well she didn’t do that, cuz then you would’ve felt – well, you know. I won’t say it! 😀


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