Waterfalls with Lise

Daughter Lise’s penultimate day saw us chasing waterfalls. We planned to go to Soco Falls until son John $pencer mentioned Mingo Falls. It was in the same vicinity, and none of us had seen it. According to a guidebook, there were 158 steps to the falls, which made me pause. As it turned out, there were sturdy railings on both sides, making it easy. We thought it well worth the climb. We stood on the bridge over the stream taking photos.

John, Lise, and David at Mingo Falls

John, Lise, and David climbed down to the stream on the other side of the bridge. The views were most satisfying.

John, Lise, and David below Mingo Falls

My favorite photo was the one Lise took, a selfie plus three.

I had promised Lise a favorite meal, so we went home for lunch before going out again. We went to Sunburst Falls, my favorite close to home. We looked at the water from both sides of the bridge and were about to leave when Lise said she wished she had gone out on the rocks with David. It wasn’t dark yet, and I urged her to go. David came back to us, was pleased she wanted to go, and went back with her. I took the first shot without zooming in.

The close-up shows their faces.

The next picture shows Lise presenting the falls with a grand gesture. Of course, the zoom eliminated the falls.

On the way back to the car, David broke off an ice saber and let Lise brandish it.

Our day had been thoroughly satisfying. It was fun to share tales of our adventures with $ and Rose.