Waterfalls with Lise

Daughter Lise’s penultimate day saw us chasing waterfalls. We planned to go to Soco Falls until son John $pencer mentioned Mingo Falls. It was in the same vicinity, and none of us had seen it. According to a guidebook, there were 158 steps to the falls, which made me pause. As it turned out, there were sturdy railings on both sides, making it easy. We thought it well worth the climb. We stood on the bridge over the stream taking photos.

John, Lise, and David at Mingo Falls

John, Lise, and David climbed down to the stream on the other side of the bridge. The views were most satisfying.

John, Lise, and David below Mingo Falls

My favorite photo was the one Lise took, a selfie plus three.

I had promised Lise a favorite meal, so we went home for lunch before going out again. We went to Sunburst Falls, my favorite close to home. We looked at the water from both sides of the bridge and were about to leave when Lise said she wished she had gone out on the rocks with David. It wasn’t dark yet, and I urged her to go. David came back to us, was pleased she wanted to go, and went back with her. I took the first shot without zooming in.

The close-up shows their faces.

The next picture shows Lise presenting the falls with a grand gesture. Of course, the zoom eliminated the falls.

On the way back to the car, David broke off an ice saber and let Lise brandish it.

Our day had been thoroughly satisfying. It was fun to share tales of our adventures with $ and Rose.

38 thoughts on “Waterfalls with Lise

  1. Always love “seeing “ y’all. Everyone looks great. Hope John delivered my hugs to y’all, and hope to see y’all soon 💚🌲❤️


  2. Such a fun time at the Falls and the views are just amazing – it makes you feel and look so tiny among the boulders and the water. Funny, I was just commenting to Mia (Wheat and Tares) when she mentioned her Thanksgiving and said they indulged in a lot of food and walked it off at the Amicalola Falls State Park. I Googled it and told her it reminded me of the types of falls you and David loved going to … so if you are in Georgia, you’ll have to check it out:


      1. They looked amazing – I thought of you right away with the waterfalls. I think we have some in northern Michigan but I’ve never been to them. I was pretty tired last night – was gone for hours and came home, ate and looked at the pictures but that was it – the sun came out while I was driving home, oh well. Safe travels to Lise today.


          1. I never did either Anne. I did go to Niagara Falls with my parents as a child – I have a B&W picture standing next to my mom there. My mom and I drove to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan about 25 years ago.
            We wanted to see Tahquamenon Falls and got lost twice trying to find it so we decided it wasn’t meant to be but felt bad for missing it (especially when someone said it was big enough – how could you miss it?)


              1. My mom was in control of the map since I didn’t want to drive and look, but I don’t fault her as there was probably construction and we got lost – twice. I wish I could go there too and reading about your beautiful waterfalls and Mia’s waterfalls … 250 of them where she lives. I still had some places overseas and around the globe I wanted to see on my bucket list … not many (Italy, France, Alaska and New England in the Fall).
                The more I hear about climate change and what is happening – two more earthquakes this morning, the flooding in Venice, the heat waves every Summer in Europe, melting glaciers, and noroviruses on cruise ships – I would take an Alaskan cruise, but would not want to end up sick … more and more I wish I had traveled and sometimes I wish I took a full-time job after my mom died and would have taken my time visiting these spots … I don’t get vacation time per our agreement when I was hired back, hopefully I am not just an arm chair traveler. I worry about unrest around the world as well – perhaps domestic travel is best, but, like you, I don’t like traveling by car when I have to drive, so a tour group is best. Did Lise get back to Denmark safely – does she have a day to get acclimated to the time change before going back to work? I didn’t get to Reader last night – working on a post which I will finish up this morning if it rains. We have an all-day rain today, but not raining right now, but I won’t go out in the pouring rain at 40 degrees – very mild here today after I froze all weekend.


                1. Lise got home safely. She was unpacking and had a friend coming over when she should have gone to bed. Said she has a heavy day today. She’s going to Bordeaux on business in another day or so. Can you guess she thrives on impossible schedules like her dad?

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                  1. Glad Lise got home safely. She wanted to tell her friend all about her great trip. It’ll take a few days to catch up as to jet lag – how will she make another trip so soon? She sure is like her dad with all the energy to drive everywhere without batting an eyelash!


                    1. How nice – hope she gets to sightsee a little while in Bordeaux. Christmas in Egypt sounds nice as well. I was there for one day on a Greek cruise in 1981. Saw the Pyramids of Giza and some very old scrolls and took a camel ride on “Missouri” – they had a fleet of camels, 50 in all, each names for a state in the U.S.


                    2. It was Anne … it was an American Express tour … a one-week land tour of Greece and a one-week cruise with about 5-6 ports of call, including one-day visits to Turkey, Israel, Egypt, and a few Greek islands. I am so glad I took it. I have several pictures on the camel and standing next to the camel driver … I am sure Lise will have the same type of excursion as other travel groups were there … I included one pic in this post as the header photo of Missouri and me: https://lindaschaubblog.net/2013/09/25/caleb-asks-guess-what-day-it-is/

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  3. What a wonderful day out. The falls are gorgeous and everyone looks so happy. Now, tell us, what was Lise’s favourite meal you made for her? You certainly have made the most of her visit.

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        1. Lise had seconds on the chicken dish, and she ate pumpkin pie for breakfast. She loves pumpkin, so I always make her a pie apart from Thanksgiving sweets. Her portions were small. She has lost 100 pounds since she was here last year, and we are proud of her.


    1. You are probably right that the rocks would be slippery. About six years ago I waded in a mountain stream up to my knees. The pain on arthritic knees was intense, so I didn’t test the slipperiness of the rocks. Come down to visit, and we’ll take you wading.

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  4. I look forward to our continuing our exploration of New England waterfalls once it warms up and the snow melts. I love getting to see yours. My grandchildren have told me that some are cascades, not falls. Who knew?


    1. I read about cascades and realized we were not calling things by the proper term. It was careless of me to forget the fine points. The last falling water we saw was airborne at times and hitting rocks at others.

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