Retirees at Work!

Our little street ends abruptly at the beginning of Dawn’s and Jeff’s driveway. There isn’t much room to maneuver for them or for Shawn and Bob. The men discussed widening the area, and today the gravel was delivered. Neighbor Logan (9) was visiting us when John saw people shoveling. He said he was going out to help, and Logan could go home or help. You’ll see Logan’ choice below.

Shawn texted me, saying, “Should you get some pics of our Tibi Lane workers?? It would make a good blog subject.”

Wow! Does anyone else have a neighbor who promotes your blog in real time?? I would have missed the action entirely, because I was texting with grandson David at the time. The still shot showed the workers. Bob, wearing a red shirt, was almost off camera.

Bob, John, Jeff, Dawn, and Logan

Logan (retired from third grade) was innovative. He tried shoveling gravel into a wheelbarrow, but the equipment was unwieldy for him. He brought out his sled and put it away when it wasn’t efficient. Using a scoop and a bucket was his winning idea. If you can, watch the video clip to see the team in action. Logan moved a LOT of gravel and took in his tools when he was through. What a winner!

When John and I came inside, he showed me the origami frog Logan had made for him. The folds of the paper didn’t show up well in the photo, but the frog was amazing. The card says, “Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a good birthday. Love, Logan”

I say it often, but it bears repeating. We have marvelous neighbors!