Retirees at Work!

Our little street ends abruptly at the beginning of Dawn’s and Jeff’s driveway. There isn’t much room to maneuver for them or for Shawn and Bob. The men discussed widening the area, and today the gravel was delivered. Neighbor Logan (9) was visiting us when John saw people shoveling. He said he was going out to help, and Logan could go home or help. You’ll see Logan’ choice below.

Shawn texted me, saying, “Should you get some pics of our Tibi Lane workers?? It would make a good blog subject.”

Wow! Does anyone else have a neighbor who promotes your blog in real time?? I would have missed the action entirely, because I was texting with grandson David at the time. The still shot showed the workers. Bob, wearing a red shirt, was almost off camera.

Bob, John, Jeff, Dawn, and Logan

Logan (retired from third grade) was innovative. He tried shoveling gravel into a wheelbarrow, but the equipment was unwieldy for him. He brought out his sled and put it away when it wasn’t efficient. Using a scoop and a bucket was his winning idea. If you can, watch the video clip to see the team in action. Logan moved a LOT of gravel and took in his tools when he was through. What a winner!

When John and I came inside, he showed me the origami frog Logan had made for him. The folds of the paper didn’t show up well in the photo, but the frog was amazing. The card says, “Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a good birthday. Love, Logan”

I say it often, but it bears repeating. We have marvelous neighbors!

23 thoughts on “Retirees at Work!

  1. Well, not only am I envious of your extended family joy Anne, since I have no family members now, but I often say you have wonderful neighbors … you know the story of mine, on both sides, now that Marge is gone. I love that card … how thoughtful to make a card for John’s birthday and happy birthday to John.


    1. Shawn often has Logan write us a thank you note, or as in this case, make a birthday card.

      We had some lovely neighbors in NY except for the house we called the dormitory. It was leased to university students. They weren’t bad, but they were not part of the neighborhood. The owner rented to medical students, figuring they were too busy to cause trouble.

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      1. You are blessed to have good neighbors. Marge was a good neighbor and before her was Jim, who was from Kentucky. He/wife moved out in the country as her son who had a closed head injury and walking difficulties from a severe motorcycle accident lived with him … she did not want him institutionalized and the doctor said he needed more exercise, so they moved away and then she died and the son went to live with his sister. He was very nice to my mom/me.

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    1. John and I had no problem after a little shoveling, but I hope the same is true of the three other adults. They might have gotten sore from their labors. I’m sure Logan had as much energy as always the day after shoveling.

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    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if EVERYONE was a nice neighbor? A number of people have said elsewhere that they live in places where neighbors never talk to each other. Even in England, our neighbors welcomed us to the street. We never talked much with them, but we knew each other to wave when we were outside.

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      1. Oddly (based on it’s reputation), when I lived in NJ my neighbors were the friendliest I’ve ever had. People here are not “unfriendly” exactly but a wave is all you will ever get. When I bought my first house (in a small community with small houses) a retired couple lived next door. It was wonderful. I was in my 30s and they were helpful. The best part was coming home from work and finding a strawberry pie on my back table. Good people (for more that that).


    1. Shawn and Bob are doing an awesome job with Logan. He is adopted — was taken from his mother by the state when he was two years old. She has been in jail most of the time since he was born. They are constantly on the lookout for addictive behavior, wanting to keep him from that lifestyle.

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