Laughter in July

The goldfinch didn’t know how silly she looked, peering over the edge of a yellow flowerpot. I was sitting at my computer and slowly pulled the camera out of my pocket without disturbing her.

Batting a balloon about is often too tame for neighbor Logan (9). This day he made up rules for playing baseball with it. Logan was a blur as he feigned going one way and then another, trying to make it to home base without being tagged.

On a more serious note, Logan forgot to tell us he was not supposed to play computer games until after he had done it. As penance, John asked him to read to him three times longer than he usually does. We think Logan saw the fairness of that.

John saw hot dog rolls on sale at the dollar store. He didn’t realize they were meant for foot-long dogs until he brought them in the house. We laughed and intended to cut them in half, as needed. David stopped me as I approached with a knife, and he put the two brats on one bun. I predicted it would fall apart, but he held it all together until it was finished. David laughs readily at the silly things we say and do. I love that. Laughter is such a gift and is so uplifting.

Have you laughed aloud today? If you’d like a good laugh, go to this link to get to Baby Blues by Linda Bethea.