Laughter in July

The goldfinch didn’t know how silly she looked, peering over the edge of a yellow flowerpot. I was sitting at my computer and slowly pulled the camera out of my pocket without disturbing her.

Batting a balloon about is often too tame for neighbor Logan (9). This day he made up rules for playing baseball with it. Logan was a blur as he feigned going one way and then another, trying to make it to home base without being tagged.

On a more serious note, Logan forgot to tell us he was not supposed to play computer games until after he had done it. As penance, John asked him to read to him three times longer than he usually does. We think Logan saw the fairness of that.

John saw hot dog rolls on sale at the dollar store. He didn’t realize they were meant for foot-long dogs until he brought them in the house. We laughed and intended to cut them in half, as needed. David stopped me as I approached with a knife, and he put the two brats on one bun. I predicted it would fall apart, but he held it all together until it was finished. David laughs readily at the silly things we say and do. I love that. Laughter is such a gift and is so uplifting.

Have you laughed aloud today? If you’d like a good laugh, go to this link to get to Baby Blues by Linda Bethea.

30 thoughts on “Laughter in July

  1. That gold finch i s definitely gold. As for that brat and bun. Did he eat it plain? Mine would be slathered with everything I could get my hands on. There doesn’t appear to be anything on his.


  2. I haven’t laughed yet this morning – but smiled. 😊 . Laughter is indeed healing and uplifting.
    I get Goldfinches in the garden but not sitting in a plant pot, how cute is that.
    Did you tell him he is the cutest?


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  3. My husband isn’t a condiment person either but I am. I have at least 4 different mustards in my fridge at any time. Also a lot of other condiments too both hot and sassy. That wurst sandwich is way too long for me but I’m not that young and full of energy either! Laughter is what makes us go on especially when the going gets tougher.


  4. Laughter is certainly missing in my life right now. Thanks for the reminder.
    You know…As bad for us as a good ‘hot dog ‘ is for us sometimes they just taste really good..


  5. I laugh every day. There is always something to laugh at or about. My dog, Dot makes me laugh a lot. We didn’t have much money growing up but we always had laughter in the house. My dad sure knew how to make us laugh.


  6. I love that our family laughs together all the time. It is certainly a free, healthy kind of entertainment. I love the hot dog trick and can see the sly humor behind it.


  7. That goldfinch sure looks like it is posing for you and saying “excuse me Anne, does this pot match my feathers?’ David was pretty handy there … but then again, David works at Burger King that has as their ad “it takes two hands to handle a Whopper!” I will check out this link you share – I need a laugh. 🙂

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      1. I had a wonderful walk this morning – 7 miles and took several hundred pictures. I was making a petite dent in Reader when the carbon monoxide alarm started going off … it is chirping and I can’t get the back off … am consulting the online manual again and putting on gripper gloves to slide the stupid back off to remove the battery or put it outside … it is a low battery thing and it is over now – shelf life 8-10 years and it is about that. I expected it and surprised it was not in the overnight like last time. But the HVAC guy installed it in the wall – not a big install, but they had a sale on them when he came to install the furnace so I got one. Can not one day go by without an issue?


          1. I almost think it is blog-worthy … in this day of two mass shootings in one day, we need a laff. I am heading out when light to the botanical gardens – they say it is cloudy though, so will think on before I go, but it was stinkin’ hot yesterday and don’t want to be out in the heat today. … wavering on the housework but it has been many weeks. Would have gotten through more of Reader but I could not shut it off, put it outside, texted Jeff and said it is near your house if you hear a noise … he came and retrieved it … the battery compartment door got jammed (still don’t have full strength in my smashed finger) – I hope this week is kinder.


              1. Thank you for saying that Anne – I felt the need to escape everything today and yesterday … last weekend too. I checked in at work and the report has been revised. That is tomorrow’s project. We had an unexpected thunderstorm and torrential rain at 5:00 p.m. – it went on and on and I was ready to come here and check out today’s pictures (went to the botanical gardens and had taken a lot of butterfly and bloom pics) and then it started rumbling, so I took a long nap instead … don’t like to go on the laptop in a storm. It was still raining/storming when I woke up at 7:30 p.m.


                1. Is your laptop plugged in all the time? Maybe I’m ignorant about electricity and lightning, but I assumed it was safe to work on a computer any time if it wasn’t plugged in. I probably don’t want to read a horror story about this, since I want to continue using mine in a storm.

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                  1. Yes, it is plugged in but I unplug it during a storm – both of them, the current Windows 7 and the one that is Windows 10 that Ron has not set up yet for me to remote in all the way to the desktop – because of all the stuff going on here at the house and workload, I’ve not pressed it, but … I also have a whole house surge suppressor so think it is safe to not only work during a storm but leave the A/C on, but I do worry about a lightning strike for the outside condenser on the A/C unit … my mom always shut it off and just put on the fan so I continued that practice. We did not have a whole house surge suppressor at that time … I got it when I got this high efficiency furnace and A/C installed in 2012. But if the surge suppressor trips, and it turns red on the monitoring light, the fuse (I think it’s a fuse) has to be replaced and it’s $100.00 – they never told me that when I bought the whole package – it is like the garage door owner coming to fix the big gap in the new garage door (3-4 inches) and he says “these doors were not made to be used manually – better to have an electric garage door” – I said “the salesman (his son) came to fix the broken spring – he asked if I wanted electric and I said no because I have to get out of the car to put on the trickle charger before I drive in.” He did not say it was “a good idea” or anything, he just accepted my answer. I asked if it could be retrofitted, and he just smiled and drove away. It is all part of the rest of the last month of trials and tribulations … all have had some type of wacky turn to them. If you work in an office building, the building is grounded and no chance of electrical strikes – I am probably over-cautious. I said to Jeff today – I worried that a lit cigarette that someone threw out the window or even an errant firecracker would ignite the lithium battery – he said he thought people would hear the chirps while walking or driving down the street and investigate the noise … Jeff said he could not hear it inside his house. Personally I was glad he took it away. I was worried about the battery having some type of issue given the way things have been going here.


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