The Watermelon Caper

When warm weather came this year, I intended to have watermelon several times. I knew David loved it. The first melon we had was too large, but we managed to squeeze it into the refrigerator. It lasted a bit too long for my liking. Several weeks ago I looked for small watermelons and found none. The supermarket didn’t have any at all, and the local produce stand had only big ones. This week Ingles, our favorite supermarket, advertised personal melons. Perfect!

David had a long day at work. After he came home, he ate the main course, and I listed his choices of fruit to have. At the mention of melon, his eyes lit up. As I pulled it from the refrigerator, he said he could eat the whole thing. I cut it in half, and he sliced that half in about 18 pieces. That turned out to be plenty.

Uneaten watermelon

When he had eaten the red part, he reassembled the outer shell on the plate. Yes, we do silly things just for the fun of it.

He and I often take things too far. He wanted to see if he could pick up the pieces and flip them over, and I took the video. Unfortunately, the file was too big, so I saved five frames from the video to show you.

I think we can consider summer closed for business now. It’s time for squash and pumpkins.