Waterfalls to Balloons

We had a busy week with our grandsons. On David’s day off, we went to Linville Falls. We walked .4 mile on a gravel path and stood on a large flat boulder to see the low falls.

David and John at Linville Falls

The wide pool seemed to be a quiet place for the water to gather energy to hurl itself down the gorge.

Back in the car, David reveled in the space for his legs. The middle seats had been removed so that he could sleep on an air mattress at the train club. As a selfie, this was unusual. I held the camera and had him direct me for the best angle. My gray hair was watching from the front seat.

Nathaniel came for the weekend and cooked breakfast and lunch on his one full day here. I took a photo of his luscious biscuits. [Biscuit lovers Karen and Al, wish you could have been here!] Not pictured were the strips of bacon he prepared for John and sausage links for the rest of us. He took orders for the eggs, so that everyone had what they wanted. John chose an omelet, and David opted for scrambled eggs. Nathaniel and I had our eggs sunny side up. I have never been able to cook a presentable one, and his were perfection.

Nathaniel’s biscuits

For lunch, Nathaniel grilled three kinds of brats and the lovely squash neighbor Logan brought from the garden. I took a picture of Nate’s technique of eating two brats in a foot-long bun.

One-handed double bratwurst

In the afternoon Logan came over, and inevitably a balloon made its entrance. The still shot shows Nathaniel, John, and Logan with the feet of Logan’s dad.

Logan blowing up a balloon

We were batting the balloon while talking with Bob. I sat there, letting the pocket camera observe the action. Logan seemed to be in two or three places at once. My foot appeared for a second at the bottom of the screen as I kicked the yellow balloon back into action. My apologies to Bob for such a fractured conversation.