Out-of-Date Bathroom Smells

Misers buy things on sale. Misers also use up a product before opening the replacement one. I have a double whammy now in the bathroom, because I bought two things before Christmas and have now opened them. There is Sugar Plum air freshener, which conjures up Christmas treats. The spray is almost sickeningly sweet. This comes at a time when I should be thinking of clean scents of spring rain and summer flowers.

The new body wash is titled “Mystical Wonderland”. There is a fancy snowflake on the label, but that was not a clue. I have never intentionally sniffed a snowflake. Want to guess what the main smell is in Mystical Wonderland? It’s peppermint! You might as well laugh with me, since I could very well do it again and have out-of-date bathroom scents all year long.

We do have up-to-date rain photos. It rained for days, and when a heavy shower poured on the house, Nathaniel wondered what the creek was like. We don’t often see it just after a shower, so we piled in the car to go look. When we pulled in the firehouse lot, Nathaniel asked if we had an umbrella in the car. We didn’t. He wasn’t going to let a little rain deter him, so he got out with us to stand on the banks of Jonathan creek. The creek was muddy and high.

022319 Swollen Jonathan Creek.JPG

I suggested we check the Pigeon River in Clyde. The water was high but nowhere near overflowing the banks. John said we’d look at Richland Creek on the way home. That’s the stream that runs beside the rec center in town. Despite the light rain, we walked to the curve in the stream and saw one bench dipping its toes in the water. We were chilled and happy to get back in the warm car.

022319  Richland Creek about to flood.JPG
Nathaniel’s shirt doesn’t show the rain.