Some typos are too good to correct. The title should have been Miscalculation. The last sentence of the previous post included the equation for calculating the time of sunrise anywhere in the world. Of course, I didn’t use that. I looked at some weather app and set my alarm accordingly. I should have known something would go wrong. Up to waking point, this had been the easiest daylight savings time change of my life. I did not run around like a demented chicken (no offense, Faye) changing all the clocks I could find/remember on Saturday night. On Sunday morning I changed the grandfather’s clock (apostrophe appropriate, Ellie, because the clock that had belonged to my granddad hangs on a wall). On the way to church, we had our separate jobs. John drove, and I changed the clock in the car – equal division of labor. Sunday afternoon I reset the microwave and clock times. The rest could wait.

The alarm sounded on Monday morning. There was supposed to be a hint of light outside. It was black. I had gone to bed early enough to be rested by 6, and so I was. The morning didn’t match. There was not enough light to walk by until 6:45. I am now older and wiser by a small margin. I think the sunrise calculation on the app had not caught up to the time change until Monday morning.

Next spring I plan to ignore the time switch completely and let the world tell me I’m wrong. I hope all of you had a smooth transition.