Some typos are too good to correct. The title should have been Miscalculation. The last sentence of the previous post included the equation for calculating the time of sunrise anywhere in the world. Of course, I didn’t use that. I looked at some weather app and set my alarm accordingly. I should have known something would go wrong. Up to waking point, this had been the easiest daylight savings time change of my life. I did not run around like a demented chicken (no offense, Faye) changing all the clocks I could find/remember on Saturday night. On Sunday morning I changed the grandfather’s clock (apostrophe appropriate, Ellie, because the clock that had belonged to my granddad hangs on a wall). On the way to church, we had our separate jobs. John drove, and I changed the clock in the car – equal division of labor. Sunday afternoon I reset the microwave and clock times. The rest could wait.

The alarm sounded on Monday morning. There was supposed to be a hint of light outside. It was black. I had gone to bed early enough to be rested by 6, and so I was. The morning didn’t match. There was not enough light to walk by until 6:45. I am now older and wiser by a small margin. I think the sunrise calculation on the app had not caught up to the time change until Monday morning.

Next spring I plan to ignore the time switch completely and let the world tell me I’m wrong. I hope all of you had a smooth transition.

14 thoughts on “Mixcalculation

  1. “Mixcalculation” – I love it!
    Anne, your grandfather’s clock is perfectly acceptable, considering. 😀
    Your division of labour (labor, to you!) makes a lot of sense!
    Have a great day and week!

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    1. If I had a grandfather clock, I think the apostrophe would have been wrong. Anyway, you inspire me to watch punctuation. I’m going to have to be more vigilant with spelling. I’ve found my fingers sometimes don’t obey my brain.

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  2. Hilarious! Our dog, who is not a morning person at all, is perfectly happy to sleep until daylight. But the cat was up and howling for breakfast long before light…HRH hates slackers and slug-a-beds who refuse to get easily opening cats cans so she can be responsible for herself. We teach independence, yet we block every path, she says…

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  3. We had sort of a smooth transition here. I forgot to reset the clocks and when the alarm went off Sunday morning my husband just mumbled that I must have forgotten. Reset it then and tried going back to sleep (tried being the key word).
    No offense taken on the demented chicken comment (lots of laughter though)! My chickens were a little demented. I think they were sure I had forgotten them Sunday morning. They are less than impressed my the man-made changing of time. I am with the chickens on this one. I just wish they would stick with one (either daylight savings time or standard) and stick with it. Maybe I will join you in ignoring the time switch next spring. We can compare notes on how that works out for us LOL.


    1. I’m with you, Faye. I wish they’d quit meddling with the time. At least we still have the freedom to set our own clocks. I hope they never pass a low requiring that all time pieces be either a smartphone or an atomic clock so that time can be controlled from Washington.

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      1. We do not even have a cell phone so they would have a tough time setting one for us LOL. I have not been able to talk my husband into having one. He figures if people want to talk to us bad enough they will find a way to contact us. It drives our kids crazy.

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    2. Being small farmers, you are the kind of people who make this country great. I’m thrilled to know you are content. We didn’t get cell phones until we moved, and our children were pushing us all the time for it. John had to have a landline; he couldn’t feature life without it. After two years, he canceled it, saying he didn’t need to pay money for a phone so that telemarketers could call. I love my phone, but John is in constant war with his. I can’t see anything changing. *sigh*


  4. We don’t have daylight saving time here in South Africa – it would surely get my wires crossed! Those dratted apostrophes .. most times I get them right but there are times when I’m just not sure – it’s is for it is, but that its vs its’ is trubblesome… 🙂


    1. Count yourself lucky that you don’t have to change your clocks twice a year. Each time I think it will go well, and I always end up writing about odd things that happen. As to punctuation, I used to be very good at it, but now I have to stop and think what is correct. Sometimes I change a sentence to avoid a sticky part. I have enjoyed Ellie’s posts from Montreal, especially on Friday when she writes as a grammar cop. You might get a kick out of her blog — https://crossedeyesanddottedtees.wordpress.com


    1. We voted during our morning walk. Our poling place is the firestation by the creek. I suspect we won’t know whether we had a great election day until tomorrow. Thanks for the link to the writing tips. That looks marvelous. I clicked to follow on Facebook.


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