No Spring in our Step

The day after taking grandson Nathaniel back to college, we went for our usual morning walk. Cold temperatures were in the forecast, but snow was not. Although the roads were clear, decks and steps were white. We donned winter gear and sallied forth. Visualize a generic snowflake, if you will, with its cute little points. Let me tell you, those cute little points were daggers! Forsythia buds shivered in the breeze, and daffodil leaves huddled close. Spring may be looming on the calendar, but it is not here yet. As for our walking steps, they were at winter speed. In consideration of ears and toes, we did not linger. That is, we didn’t linger until we saw neighbor Marla sweeping the snow off the minivan. We agreed the snow was a surprise, as neither she nor John heard it in the forecast.

030419 Marla and John as snow fell.JPG