No Spring in our Step

The day after taking grandson Nathaniel back to college, we went for our usual morning walk. Cold temperatures were in the forecast, but snow was not. Although the roads were clear, decks and steps were white. We donned winter gear and sallied forth. Visualize a generic snowflake, if you will, with its cute little points. Let me tell you, those cute little points were daggers! Forsythia buds shivered in the breeze, and daffodil leaves huddled close. Spring may be looming on the calendar, but it is not here yet. As for our walking steps, they were at winter speed. In consideration of ears and toes, we did not linger. That is, we didn’t linger until we saw neighbor Marla sweeping the snow off the minivan. We agreed the snow was a surprise, as neither she nor John heard it in the forecast.

030419 Marla and John as snow fell.JPG

18 thoughts on “No Spring in our Step

  1. We had a surprise snow Saturday morning. Forecast was probably nothing but not more than a dusting if the pattern shifted. We woke up to 4 inches! This morning (Monday) we have 8 inches. Spring where are you? Frolicking in the tropics I suppose!


  2. We made our way to NC yesterday afternoon (Lexington area) for a short stint–my brother will be bringing his camper from Asheville to camp with us for a few days for a visit before we head up to Virginia. It’s been a little ‘crisp’ since we’ve gotten here, but I’m loving it. I do hope spring starts to pop through soon. We didn’t see any of the pointy snowflakes over our way, but it wouldn’t make me too sad if we did.


    1. I can understand your needing a little snow in your life. I’ve enjoyed watching light snow here this morning.. It is melting, even though the temp is below freezing.

      I do hope you will be able to let me know when you come to visit your brother here. We’d love to see y’all.


  3. No snow here but it was 21 degrees this morning! I for one am ready for a warm up, but cold gives me an excuse to stay in and write. Not that I’m getting around well anyway, but you know what I mean. Enjoy some coziness today!

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  4. You’re going to miss Nathaniel until his next break to show you what he can create. Have you still got David with you? Always being the photographer means we get shots of John and how he’s bundled up but nothing of you and how much of your clothing you’ve divested on mailboxes during your walk.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx


    1. Yes, thankfully David is living with us, so we didn’t have to come home to an empty house.

      I resisted the urge to wear a cardigan under my winter coat this morning, and I was right. I would taken off the under layer and hung it on Connie’s and Marla’s post.

      xxx Warm Snowy Hugs xxx


  5. Brrrr! It was only 32 this morning but feels much colder due to all the dampness . Rain,rain,rain.
    ,Babe, the dog ,and I just picked all of the remaining daffs. The freeze warning for tonight starts at 6 and will last all night.


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