Shower Shock

John dropped me off in the village as he took Nate to get a haircut in Setauket. Tom was already heading back to his car with his dogs, but I was there in time to visit with him. Dave stopped to chat with us, and then I walked down to talk with Dennis and Dave. It was wonderful to be with them again. We had show and tell at Tom’s car where I saw his antique silver cup from France, a rarity. There was also a lovely pickle fork with two tines that ended in barbs similar to a fish hook. Those pickles won’t escape this time! Dennis showed me one of his hearing aids he got after we moved away.

Back at the motel, Nate offered to be first in line for a shower. He came out saying he’d let the water run for 8 minutes, and it never got warm. We waited a bit, and I tried it out. John and I had warm showers there yesterday, why was it not working today? I pulled the lever to the hottest level. Brrrr! Ice water! I called through the door asking John to fill the ice bucket with hot water from the sink, thinking I’d take a spit bath. That would have worked, but I tried the faucet again, putting the lever at a medium level. Aha! The silly thing was installed backwards. By rights, lefthander John should have been the one to discover that. The fellows were pleased with the findings and took happy showers after me.

Nate was struggling t050215 Nate kneels to use mirroro comb his hair, having to lean way over to see himself in the low hung mirror. John suggested he kneel. Problem solved!

Choir rehearsal was fun. We saw our friends, rehearsed the piece for tomorrow, and left. We visited Grampy, enjoying him as much as always. I took only one shot and had no idea it was terrible of Grampy. He looked wonderful in person, but the photo deformed his face. Though it was good of Kate and Nate, we’ll leave it unseen

For lunch we had Station Pizza at the beach parking lot. That sentence probably made five people drool. The day was perfect – a cloudless blue sky with a fresh breeze blowing off the water.

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