Back in the Mountains

John may hav050715 Moon and mountainse a different perspective, but I thoroughly enjoyed our drive back to North Carolina because he was more relaxed than usual. He is taking things easier until his heart catheterization on May 21 to find out why he suddenly developed angina. The doctor told him to listen to his body in knowing when to back off. I just might be able to keep up with this now low key person.

The moon was full while we were in Stony Brook. Fog and mist obscured a more dramatic view the day after our return, but I took a photo another day to show off the moon and my mountains.

Our iris were about to bloom when we left, and I was very pleased to find they waited for us to return. Pinks burst into bloom at the border. They provide a sweet aroma for our outdoor lunches. From the porch, I realized we had rhododendron blooming. When I raised the toy camera, the old oak tree tried to push into the photo. Various bushes and trees have been stick figures in our garden all winter, and I had no idea what they were. When I walked down the path to examine the rhododendron, I saw lavender flowers on the bush nearby. Lilac!! Wonderful! We’ve never had lilac in our yard before. More lavender blooms beckoned on a tripod trellis. It was clematis which tried to keep blooming last fall, but the flowers are strutting their stuff now. John discovered the wisteria blooms hiding on the underside of the pergola. No wonder the former owners had a bench out there! It’s the only way to enjoy them at length without getting a crick in your neck. The mystery plants at the moment have yellow blossoms. I don’t know that I was ever introduced to them. There is one more shrub/tree just putting out leaves, so maybe in a few days we’ll know what it is. Then again, maybe not.050715 (8) Rhododendron  050715 (6) Lilac

050715 (3) Lavender pinks

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