A Moving Visit with Sneaky Ad for WordPress

061915 Steve Chris JC
Steve, Christ, and John

We had a great, short visit with John’s sister Chris and Steve. This is a tribute to their powers of concentration, rather than anything we did. They were in the middle of moving from Pennsylvania to South Carolina. Originally they planned to be here for three or four days, but the arrival of the moving van was advanced. They would be here only one night. You know their minds must have been racing ahead, mentally placing furniture in various rooms and trying to remember where they packed the coffee pot. You wouldn’t have known it from their conversation.

Chris has yet to see the house. She couldn’t be there when Steve was looking at it, so there was a flurry of phone calls and pictures before he signed the deal. We learned they were used to that. The same thing happened when they moved from Long Island to Morgantown, PA.

I’m currently taking the free on-line course Blogging101 given by WordPress. This is one of those hidden ads in plain sight, as you might see in a newspaper or magazine. Steve made a statement that Southern Living magazine has great tips on gardening, but he had not noticed answers to gritty questions like keeping a lawn looking great when the weeds come up. After they left, I leafed through the magazine on our counter. The editor wrote about the garden column in the current issue, giving the blog address as southernliving.com/grumpy. (Copy and paste that in your web browser.) Lo and behold! The blog is hosted by none other than WordPress! Hooray for the home team!

Chris and Steve left mid-morning, expecting the trip to take less than five hours to get to their new home. John and I are still marveling at the state of their cars. We peered in and exclaimed, “You can’t be moving! You can still see out of the back of your cars!”

They knew how to move the right way. All their belongings, except for a few items, were on the truck. We were the opposite. We made numerous trips in the big Jeep, back and forth, always loaded to the gunwales. The vehicle probably looked like a chicken coop – untidy, raggedy, with feathers flying out the windows. Several times John made a hasty sign that we could see through a rear window, “Do not open.” That was a warning that the window was booby-trapped and would spill out possessions if you made a mistake and opened it. I still think that some of the items we never found must have leaked out. Now, almost a year later, I’m often surprised to look in the rearview mirror and see the road behind me.

2 thoughts on “A Moving Visit with Sneaky Ad for WordPress

  1. Such memories! I have moved several times – and each one was an adventure. The worst though, was the time we were told the movers knew how to pack up anything and to just leave everything in place – yeah, right. They used my posters as wrapping paper for other items and when we opened one box – it contained our trash can – full of trash. Ah, memories.

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    1. I hope each time you moved, it was worth the bother. We graduated college, had a lovely wedding day, took our suitcases to Queens, NY, and moved to Long Island when our first child was on the way. We lived in England, and my husband’s company paid for the moves over and back. That was the painless way to do it!! Our last move was to the mountains of NC almost a year ago, and we love it here.

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