Riveting Post Yesterday: Blogging101 Day 9

Yesterday I left a message at The TechShroom Blog because I read and commented on several of her posts. If you wonder about modern technical mysteries, this is a marvelous blog to follow. I began chatting about recovering a note in Evernote.

“Thank you for writing about the trash in Evernote. I’m trying to use the app for notes and lists. The more you use it, the easier it gets, but I haven’t “arrived” yet. I’m glad to know you can recover files.”

I had to continue looking at other posts:

“After I read this post, I scrolled down and couldn’t stop reading. Your writing drew me like a magnet.”

I was totally hooked when she wrote about Skype:

“You wrote about Skype, and I use it often to talk to my daughter in Denmark. How different that is to the way I communicated with my parents! They lived in Tennessee, and I was in New York after John and I married in 1964. My mom and I wrote letters because none of us felt we could burn money calling long distance.”

After that I got carried away when I saw a post about her son’s wedding in England:

“I enjoyed reading about your son’s wedding. We lived in England from 1980 to 1982 and loved it. Our children were young, so we weren’t involved in any wedding while we lived there, but our house was just around the corner from a church. Somewhere in a box I have a bit of wedding confetti, kept because it was so different from ours in the states.”

I explained why I might not read her blog every day:

“We are going to have house guests throughout the summer, but I hope to go back and read your posts as time permits.”

My husband’s sister and her husband are due to arrive in our driveway at any moment, and I want to finish this and publish it, pronto!

3 thoughts on “Riveting Post Yesterday: Blogging101 Day 9

  1. “Somewhere in a box I have a bit of wedding confetti, kept because it was so different from ours in the states.” That is the cutest thing I have read ❤

    Hope you have a lovely time with your visitors 🙂


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