A Lovely, Rainy Day

Yesterday we left Nate alone for hours while we went to a memorial service for a dear new/old friend. About 56 years ago I was sitting on the groom’s side at Margaret’s wedding. I didn’t meet her again until last year after we saw her and James’ name in an Asheville church bulletin. We go to five different churches on a regular basis, so the likelihood of my seeing their names was slight. We had three wonderful times together before she died of cancer.

The church was absolutely filled to the brim, the brim being the balcony where our backs were pressed against the back wall of the church. It was a vantage point to see her many friends and hear their voices raised in praise to God. What a joyous service it was! We gathered to celebrate her faith filled life of service that touched so many people.

071315 Margaret's memorial service

Today was entirely different. The weather was cool and rainy, punctuated with marvelous thunderstorms. It’s hard to believe I put on a sweater several times in a middle-of-July day! Dennis came across the street to spend the day with us and Nate. Oh! We had lively times! They played fierce games of backgammon, worked on a round train jigsaw puzzle, fought Nerf gun battles throughout the house, and ran trains on the front porch while watching streaks of lightning split the sky. Thunder rolled and reverberated through the mountains.

071415  Trains on a rainy day Dennis JC N

The fellows are doing something quiet in another part of the house while I sit at the computer. There is a silent show beyond the deck. Behind each ridge of the mountains, clouds are rising and flowing offstage. One could sit for hours, mesmerized by the fantastic, ghostly shapes. We are so blessed to be living here to see these wonders.

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