Beware of Tractors

It was good to be walking in the mountains again, even if they were shrouded in mist until I got home. Perhaps because I couldn’t see far, I noticed a road sign that has probably been in place the whole year we’ve lived here. How could I have failed to giggle at it all that time? The sign was there in plain sight a short way from the creek. The stylized picture of a farm tractor couldn’t be mistaken for anything else. If we had those in Tennessee when I was growing up, I never noticed them. I assumed most people in our rural area would always be watching for tractors on the road. We had more than tractors. From time to time herds of cows were driven through the town! Now that I have seen the tractor sign here, I will redouble my efforts at spotting them.

I would like to ask if anyone else sees “beware of tractor” signs.

073015 Tractor sign

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