Missing: A Change of Clothes

We were approaching Knoxville on an interstate when John said, “There is lots more traffic now than the last Friday I came on my way to the train club.”

Nathaniel looked around and said, “But this is Saturday, Grandpa. Traffic wouldn’t be the same.”

“No, Nate, it is Friday.”

Nathaniel replied, “It’s got to be Saturday.”

There was a tense pause. “I don’t have enough clothes. I have only my suit and what I have on. I thought today was Saturday.”

John and I were willing to take the responsibility. John said he didn’t notice what Nathaniel put in his garment bag, and I told him later we should have said exactly how many days we would be away.

Putting a good spin on it, Nathaniel said, “Now you’ve got a good story on me, Gran. You left out the chicken last night, and I didn’t pack enough clothes today. Your turn next, Grandpa.”

We crossed the time zone, putting us back an hour. When we stopped at a fast food place to eat, we were in the middle of the lunch rush. There was a line in the ladies’ room. When a girl came in behind me, I told her she was number three in line. The three of us in the cramped space chatted for a minute. The woman ahead of me said, “There is a sign that this stall is out of order. That’s why it’s taking so long.”

“Oh,” I said, “That must be why they call it a stall!”

That was risky, making a pun to strangers. Luckily, the woman got it and laughed, as did the girl. I didn’t need to turn red and mumble an explanation.

We arrived in Nashville slightly before we told Bonnie we’d be here. After bringing in the cases, Nathaniel flopped on the bed and put a pillow behind his head. That put him right in line with the mirror that cuts off his head when he stands in front of it.

“Oh my gosh!” he exclaimed. “My feet are enormous!”080715 N's feet

Maybe he saw his feet doubled – hanging at the end of his legs and reflected in the mirror. The way he said it made me double over in laughter. Surely it couldn’t have taken him by surprise, since he’s been growing a long time.  He is 6’3″ and still getting taller. The toy camera came out, and I leaned over the bed to take a picture of what he was seeing. The flash marred the first shot. He took the camera, and holding out his arm, took another photo that magnified his feet even more.

080715 N's feet magnified

We are so blessed to have grandsons with a good sense of humor.

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