First Day of School

New York schools are not in session yet, but this was the first day for children in our area of North Carolina. Without thinking twice, I did what I always did – took a photograph. I was at the creek when the bus went by, so I stepped on the road and snapped a picture of the bus almost obscured by fog. There’s no telling who was getting on the bus, but the event was recorded.

081915 Bus first day of school
School bus on first day of school near Jonathan Creek

After I downloaded it, I looked for pictures of my children on their first day of school. I was totally surprised that Lise and Kate wore the same dress, one I had made, on their first day of kindergarten. It was new on Lise and three years old on Kate. John $ was our third child and didn’t seem to rate a picture alone. He was loved and treasured, but he was the youngest of all his cousins and got lumped with the crowd.

7309 LM's first day of kindergarten
1973 Lise waiting for the bus on the first day of school
7609 K waiting
1976 Kate on first day of kindergarten
8409 NSCS students
1984 Cousin Chrissie, Sister Kate, and John $ on first day of school

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