16,000 – 27 Steps Tell the Tale

Grandson Nathaniel told me about a pedometer app he used, so I put it on my phone. He helped measure my stride, and I was set. Having read that one should take 10,000 steps a day, I was pleased that I always made that goal on the days I walked. Two days ago I logged 16,736 steps without any special effort. Then I got one of those awful 24-hour things in the middle of the night. Yesterday the phone registered 27 steps for the whole day! Luckily, I was able to get up and cook dinner before our friends came.

We had these days blocked off on the calendar for months, ever since Christine and Keith began planning their long holiday from England. Yesterday they spent most of the day on the Blue Ridge Parkway, enjoying the mountain scenery. John is taking them to Cherokee today to see the presentation there of Indian dances and crafts. Tomorrow they plan to go to the Smokey Mountain visitors’ center so that Charlie can get another junior ranger badge. He has a marvelous collection of these badges from national parks. You get them by filling out sheets to show that you have seen and understand things about the park. I wondered what the age cut-off was for the program. There isn’t any! Christine said she’s seen many adults participating.

Charlie (11) hadn’t been in the house very long before he found the Nerf guns. I hope there will be time for him and his dad to have a war. Judging by the noise level, a war is far better than a lone sniper. When Charlie came in the room with a Nerf bullet stuck to his forehead, I knew we had to have a photo. He posed nicely for the first and made a funny face for the second. I’ll include both, knowing Charlie would prefer the silly one.

We don’t have toys for a 10-month-old, but that doesn’t bother Wesley. Everything within reach is a potential plaything, some appropriate and most not. It’s amazing how quickly he can scoot across the floor

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