Guns and Shots in the House!

Having been the first to bed, Wesley (10 months old) was the first to be up. Christine let him loose while I was getting out things for breakfast. As you might imagine, he made a beeline for the Nerf guns on the porch. The toy camera couldn’t resist a series of shots. The first is my favorite. You know how speed is portrayed in comics with dust balls in the air? Wesley’s speed was shown by the feet of his sleeper. He was going so fast he left his feet behind!

082315 Wesley made a bee line for guns

He was a little surprised when he realized I had caught him, but he quickly settled down for serious play.

082315 Wesley caught!

I suspect, as any true gunman would, he was inspecting the firearm before taking it apart. Like a Glock, this one had a surprising amount of plastic.

082315 Wesley settles down to business

It got dangerous only when the adults began to shoot.

082315 Keith and I exchange shots

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