Surprises in the Neighborhood

I responded to the call of the creek, as I usually do, and almost couldn’t get there. The parking lot of the fire station was a mess as it was being prepared for paving. It seems odd that they would work one day before the Labor Day weekend and just walk away from the job. They must be confident that nothing will move in their absence.

090315 Fire station repaving

The creek was low but flowing freely and sounding bass notes. Not so the tiny streams near our house! I couldn’t even see, much less hear, anything from the first one. Coming back when there was more light, I saw a trickle that made no sound. The larger of the two was only marginally better. Where would one protest this lackluster performance?

We came back from running errands and were surprised to see a new structure near the corner of our entrance road. Whipping my head around, I saw those neighbors sitting on the new porch only a few feet from the front porch of their house. John O told me they hired a crew from Tennessee to erect it. We saw none of the action, so it was like magic to find a new building appear while we were shopping at the supermarket. It is a two story shed! We had seen something like it at Lowe’s and thought it could be made into a tiny house. Do you suppose they might use it as a guest cottage? We’ll have to wait and see.

090415 Neighbor's new shed

Neighbor Ron is not doing well. We were surprised when the doorbell rang and hoped it wasn’t anything to do with him. It wasn’t. A delivery man handed over a gorgeous vase of picture perfect roses. Stunning! We’ve had many surprises, and the day is only half gone.

090415 Roses!

6 thoughts on “Surprises in the Neighborhood

  1. As some one that has worked with contractors for 15 years don’t even try to understand their rationale for starting a project right before labor day. You will only end up chasing your tail for an hour!


    1. I almost had to eat my words. This morning the cement truck was making the last delivery around 7:30. There were swarms of men smoothing the concrete while the firemen watched from a bench. The workmen seemed to have made up for lost time. There is no telling what time they began work this morning to have gotten that much done.

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