Get Lost!

I thought John and I had agreed we were going to town to run a few errands. I changed shoes and went from one end of the house to another looking for him. Sometimes he sits in the car waiting for me, but he wasn’t there, either. Going through the house again, I saw him coming up the front steps. He had been telling the workmen we were leaving.

On the way we dropped off the Jeep to get two new tires. I saw the vehicle pull into Sorrell’s, so I parked a few feet away and walked back. John was nowhere to be seen. I stood by Snot (our car, a Sonata) so that he could see me easily, and he reappeared in a few minutes. In the supermarket I lost him again as he zoomed around with the cart.

Once we were safely in the car together, I said, “I won’t ever have to tell you to get lost! You do it all on your own!”

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