Power Wash at Dawn

You never know what you’re going to get in a motel, especially when you are traveling with friends and snag the last two rooms in a five-story inn. To hear Al tell it, we got the room with a king sized bed. He and Karen were to get two huge beds, a sauna, maybe a swimming pool, and all the amenities you could think of. I was tired, having gotten up at 3 a.m., and all I cared about was being able to sleep where no one could hear me snore. The sleeping was fine, but oh! the shower! It was built for a basketball player. I first stretched to see if the shower head could be aimed at my feet rather than over my head. Nothing moved. Bracing myself, I turned on the water. It hit me in the throat, and it was set for that deadly pulsing akin to machine gun fire. Off went the water. Even if I could have wrestled with it at eye level, I couldn’t have changed the setting. It was stuck tight. Obviously, since you are reading this, I survived. I looked like a drowned rat and felt like a limp dishrag, but I was wildly awake and saw the sun come up in a blaze of glory.

Yesterday we were up and on the road before night got a good start. Grandson David had planned to get up to have breakfast with us at 8. When it was announced that the college choir was having a retreat beginning at 8, we shifted the time to 6 to see him. We got up at 3 to drive from Pennsylvania to New York. David beat us. He was afraid he wouldn’t get up, so he stayed up all night. We needed all our wits to forage for food, nothing being open at 6, not even the diner! Three towns later we found a MacDonald’s where the workers were asleep on their feet. Fast food was anything but. However, we had a delightful visit and got him back to campus in time for his second breakfast at the retreat.

Grandpa and David
Grandpa and David

The rest of our day will seem boring to you, but we saw a handful of our dearest peeps in Stony Brook. John took a nap at the harbor while I walked in the village. As I was coming back, Dave drove by and shouted a greeting. I wouldn’t have recognized me from a car, but he did. He pulled up in the shade of a tree, and we had a great chat before he had to leave. We spent the next few hours having lunch and talking. What a treat! If you have time to look at the pictures, you’ll see a wealth of happy smiles.

Thom, Barbara, Kate, John, David, and Ruth
Thom, Barbara, Kate, John, Nathaniel, and Ruth
091915 Legends Ruth Thom K N JC AM BA
Ruth, Thom, Kate, Nathaniel, John, Anne, Barbara in Stony Brook
091915 Driveway goodbyes
Kate, Nathaniel, John, Barbara, Ruth, and Thom doing a long driveway goodbye
The tree and Nathaniel
The tree and Nathaniel
John, Al, and Karen at Clinton Diner
John, Al, and Karen at Clinton Diner

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