Four Corners

We packed the car and stopped at a pharmacy for a few items before leaving Durango. John said he couldn’t have planned it if he tried, but the train was just leaving the station. We hopped across the tracks where I took six shots of the engine. John agreed that I could delete one.

Durango train leaving station
Durango train leaving station

The most amusing road sign out of Durango was one for elk crossing. I missed it the day before, and when we passed it going fast, John offered to make a U-turn so I could take a photo. Wasn’t that kind? I said I could live without it, but I’m very happy to have it.

Elk crossing
Elk crossing sign

We stopped at Four Corners where we could have our feet in four states at once – Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. I call that last state Arid Zone, because my lips and hands felt as dry as could be. I took a picture of my feet in Utah, because niece Chrissie was in that state for a meeting.

Williams AZ was our stopping point. Does anyone recognize Williams as a center for trains? I didn’t. I thought we were going to the Grand Canyon. We were, but John needed an evening of train watching. This suited me fine, since I would have time to write while he was out.

5 thoughts on “Four Corners

  1. When we lived in Phoenix, my husband, Bill, was a civil engineer working on I-40 (which he says goes right by Williams). Hope you are having a grand time and I know you will be thrilled at the Grand Canyon.

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