The Grand Canyon

The canyon was magnificent. We spent most of the day there, walking along the rim. Cool breezes were counterbalanced by the warm sun. We saw some people wearing shorts and others sporting ski outfits, complete with knitted hats. I was awed by the scenery. There is nothing like seeing it with your own eyes. The thing I wasn’t prepared for was hearing many different languages spoken. It was like being in Kennedy Airport! I couldn’t understand half the things I heard. Isn’t it marvelous that people come from all over the world to see something so special?

102215 Grand Canyon (5)

Several promontories had paved walkways with sturdy rails so that you could feel safe leaning out to get a good photo. I was surprised and pleased at the lack of fences. The walkways were lined with small boulders which you could easily step over. People did go out to places where I would not have felt comfortable, but they were free to do so. I feel that if bureaucrats and activists from New York were in charge, no one would be able to visit the park at all. They have already outlawed the selling of large sodas in Manhattan.  I enjoyed the freedom we felt at the park.

John had done his homework. He planned for us to eat in a historic hotel that had been there since the train began the run. The lobby and restaurant looked as they did in old photographs. We could see the canyon from our table. The food was delicious, beautifully served, and cost no more than something comparable in New York.

102215 Anne John at Grand Canyon

After eating, we resumed our walk along the rim, going back about halfway before catching a free bus to our starting point. There was a partial rainbow in the canyon that intensified as we walked. I’m sure one of those photos will be our favorite for the whole day.

102215 Rainbow

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