I Was a Jerk

Before we even walked in the house of our friends Janet and Tom, Tom said, “I’ll show you how to work the shower.”

I thought he was teasing me about my issues with showers on this vacation and thought nothing more of it. Meanwhile we had a delicious dinner and went to choir rehearsal. The four of us had sung together in college, and they invited us to sing in their church choir – a marvelous, challenging experience!

When it was time to go to bed, Tom came downstairs with us and said he would demonstrate the shower. Golly Pete! It was the same type of faucet/shower head arrangement as the one in Phoenix. Tom took no chances with me and actually ran water, showing me how to pull down a bit of the faucet to make the water come out above. OK. I could do this.

The next morning I did as John AND Tom advised, got the water temperature to the right level and transferred it to the shower head. Don’t ask me how I do these things to get myself in trouble. I thought I gently pulled the curtain closed. No, I was a jerk. I must have jerked it, because four of the hooks jumped off the rod and entwined around each other. I was grunting, in John’s hearing, I’m sure. Those hooks behaved like fishhooks and refused to let go. They had dug in for a tough fight. I took a deep breath, slowed down, and squinted to see what I was doing without my glasses. Finally! Everything was on track, and I could get clean. Shower senility is not easy to deal with!

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