Touring Colorado

Let’s get the bad part over first. My hosts and John didn’t know how I embarrassed them. We had a marvelous breakfast of yogurt and a special croissant before setting out on a tour of Janet and Tom’s area. We went to their son Andrew’s grave, a lovely site with a marker, a boulder they selected, and a bench made by Tom’s dad.

Tom, Janet, and John at Andrew's grave
Tom, Janet, and John at Andrew’s grave

We also drove through Castle Rock Canyon, a place Andrew used to visit regularly, and saw a broad view of the prairie where they live.

We ate lunch in Colorado Springs at a place that has the best French onion soup Janet and Tom ever tasted. It was very crowded. All the tables were taken, so Tom waited to stake out a table while the rest of us ordered. My mishap came when I tried to take off my coat to hang it over the back of the chair. The inner drawstring was stuck. I turned away from most of the crowd, fiddled as discretely as I could, and discovered that silly string was stuck in my zipper!!!! Ho103015 (8) Cog enginew do these things happen to me? It seemed forever as I struggled, wishing I were Houdini. Whew! Free at last! I relaxed the rest of the day after that horror. We went across the street to see the marvelous sculptures done by Michael Garman. We also drove by a display engine and the station for the cog railway that goes up Pike’s Peak.

Driving through the Valley of the Gods was wonderful. These fantastic rock formations could be seen by driving the circular road around them.

We got a peek at Pike’s peak, though it was covered by a cloud. I was thrilled to have seen it, because I had no idea it was on the itinerary. At times it is visible from Janet and Tom’s house.

103015 (18) Pike's Peak

We ended our tour by walking into the chapel at the Air Force Academy.  The building was most impressive.

After general conversation over dinner, we had a musical evening. Tom kept music playing through excellent speakers. We laughed about funny things that happened in college, and I particularly enjoyed Tom’s account of his worst nightmare coming true. A director friend begged him to sing in an opera only days away, and Tom went to two rehearsals. Having only his part, he didn’t know when he was to sing or how it fit with the other singers and orchestra. He got through it, I’m sure because he is such a good musician. The review in the paper gave him high credits and did not mention the other supporting singers.

When I asked for it, Janet sketched out her choral composition for eight voices on the piano. This is her current project. She let me look at two books she has on modern notation. I had no idea new ways of writing music developed after I finished college. She also played a piano composition that has been performed. She can write things that her hands can’t play! My hands wouldn’t be big enough for it, either. We decided all our hands should go to bed and rest up for the next day.

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