Halloween Shower

If I didn’t know better, I would have thought John booby trapped the shower. When it was my turn, I found two hooks had jumped the rod. He wouldn’t have done that on purpose, would he? More likely he was the jerk, jerking the curtain aside. I climbed up and put them back, gingerly started the shower, and found I set the water too cool. That was in great contrast to the day before when I had it too hot. Maybe the next time I’ll have a Goldilocks shower, not too hot and not too cold.

We rode a train, the Georgetown Loop. I’ll skip the history, because I don’t know it. I do know we bought tickets for the open car and feared we wouldn’t stay warm enough. We piled the car with hats, gloves, light wraps, and heavy coats. It was downright cold and very windy when we stood in line to board. Brrr! To our delight, the “open” car had Plexiglas windows and some heat. Families with young children had blankets in addition to winter coats, and they soon shed most of their layers. Since we were not totally consumed with staying warm, we could look out at the majestic mountains and tumbling stream.

John offered to go by himself to the Colorado Train Museum, but the three of us agreed to go with him. Things were hopping there! It was Halloween, and most of the young children and a surprising number of adults were in costume. We non-trainaholics sat on a bench watching families line up for the ride behind a steam engine while John walked through the outdoor exhibits.

John at the Colorado Train Museum
John at the Colorado Train Museum

On the way home, Tom drove us through Denver. We saw some gentrified residential areas, the medical center, many interesting buildings, and the airport. The additions to the top of the building resemble mountains, some higher and some shorter. I was pleased to see Pike’s Peak almost all the way home. We weren’t close enough to take pictures, but the mountain was totally free of clouds. As Janet pointed out, the mountain has a very wide base, so you don’t realize how high it is when you see it from a distance. I’m still impressed with the ruggedness and snow cappedness, but I definitely have not lost my love of the Smokies.

Denver Airport
Denver Airport

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