We crossed from Illinois into Kentucky for a compressed visit with my childhood friend Sue. We were physically there about two hours, but she and I made it last by texting the rest of the day. The two dachshunds were quiet after a brief frenzy as we came in. When John and I were seated, Sue brought in TBow, her son John’s Great Dane. My photos don’t show the massive dog in all his canine splendor. Just as Sue predicted, he accepted us after sniffing and leaning on us. He is John’s guard dog, a most protective animal.

John and I feasted on the special picnic Sue packed for us. We opened everything at our favorite rest area east of Nashville. We had barbecue, sauce, buns, slaw, potato salad, and apples. I thought I was getting a photo of the paper plates and special napkins, but it’s obvious my focus was on the food!

The trip that day was uneventful until we came to the gorge through the mountains near our home. Traffic crawled for a bit. We passed the scene of an accident – one car facing the wrong way and tons of policemen there. The crash must have happened some time before, when I’m sure everything came to a complete halt. We were most thankful to pull into our driveway with only a little Colorado mud on the car. I’m also wearing a bit of it, since the backs of my knees touched the Jeep almost every time I got out.

I gave John high marks for his excellent planning. We saw everyone we intended to see and took in the sights on his list, plus a few more. He thinks he drove a bit over 5,000 miles. That should make New York feel closer to me, since our usual destination is only 800 miles from our home. Good try, Anne.

The best ending came with a very warm welcome from the neighbors. How good it was to be home among dear friends!

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